Only when the tide goes out do you discover who's been swimming naked

- Warren Buffett -

Have you ever made a wrong investment decision? Often investors lose sight of their financial destination and lose their course. How are you positioned for the next time when the market has a turbulent quarter or year? What are you doing to protect yourself against market volatility? Our Gradient partners of Certified Financial Planners and Certified Financial Analyst will perform a stress-test of your current portfolio with our Portfolio Analysis Review and I will provide you with your complementary Allocation Map as well as your personal Morningstar Report, Portfolio Pilot Report and The Stock Interceptor Report.

Based on your risk tolerance, the results of the Color of Money Report and your objectives, I will provide you with my suggestions to construct a holistic, globally diversified asset allocation portfolio based on your personal needs and goals. Every asset class and equity style are either professionally managed in separate accounts or in ETF’s from some of the most recognized financial institutions.

At Hevia Wealth Management, my main objective is to help you accomplish your investment objectives and goals in today’s complex investment environment. The guidance and recommendations you’ll receive will be custom-tailored to you, taking into consideration your risk tolerance, time horizon, and income objectives. With market insights and my personalized approach to asset maximization, I offer holistic strategies for my clients. I share a common vision for success and provide investment management that caters to each specific investor profile.


Asset allocation is a management process that consists of combining various asset classes (stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETF’s and more) into a portfolio. Returns are sought from the portfolio in its entirety, and not each individual security. This approach to asset allocation addresses potential risk through proper diversification while aiming your assets toward achieving growth.
My experience and belief in my process, combined with my objective-driven style, makes my practice a fit for people who are investing for retirement income. We are also proficient at positioning your assets to help create a reliable source of retirement income while mitigating volatility and aimed at long-term growth.


As a fiduciary, I am obligated to ensure that the appropriate products, services, and recommendations are selected based on your best interest. Therefore, I develop your personalized asset allocation model based on your individual risk tolerance, objectives, and financial needs. My personal goal is to maximize your investment returns through proper diversification of your assets* and a disciplined investment philosophy combined with precise risk management.

Welcome to the next generation of investment solutions.

*Diversification and asset allocation does not assure or guarantee better performance and cannot eliminate the risk of investment loss. Before investing, you should carefully read the applicable volatility disclosure for each of the underlying funds, which can be found in the current prospectus.