Legacy planning is the process of deciding how exactly you’d like your assets bequeathed to your loved ones after you pass away.

Proper Legacy Planning is one crucial element of any successful retirement planning strategy, to help ensure that your legacy carries on assisting your loved ones and make sure that your final wishes are executed as you wished. I can help you plan your legacy in several ways based on your unique desires and whether it is most important to you to preserve assets for future use or transfer your wealth to beneficiaries.

Careful planning for the transfer of your assets is of significant importance to allow the wealth you’ve worked hard for, to serve a meaningful purpose. From starting the conversation with you, to guiding you through the actual transfer of assets, I at Hevia Wealth Management am here to empower and educate you on the process and with the guidance of your attorney, take you through every step.

Creating a strategy for your legacy is more than simply managing estate taxes. There are several methods and tools that may be used to help protect your wealth while making sure your wishes are met. It is essential to understand helpful instruments for you to be used during the legacy planning process, including:

  • Wills
  • Advanced Health Care Directive
  • Revocable Living Trusts
  • Durable Powers of Attorney

Overall, the legacy planning and preservation of your wealth and assets require a coordinated effort. My firm is here to help provide peace of mind to you, your loved ones and any other for which you wish to eventually distribute your wealth and assets you have worked so hard over time to accumulate.

Disclosure : I do not provide legal or tax advice and you should consult an attorney or tax advisor for such advice.